If the Iranian general can be harassed by terrorism, why not a Pakistani general?

WASHINGTON: Amid the generalized doubts in the US Congress. UU. And among American analysts about the murder of a general in service of a sovereign nation, the Trump administration is delaying the case that the Iranian general was a terrorist and a war criminal who should have been targeted for a long time. although it was not on any global list of outlaws.

In fact, senior administration officials are coming to link Iran and Suleimani with September 11, despite the fact that the United States Commission that conducted a monumental investigation into the attack did not find that connection. The September 11 attack was carried out by Sunni extremists, mainly from Saudi Arabia , which according to most accounts had little or no connection to Iran with a Shiite majority, a hated regional rival.

Vice President of the United States Mike Pence He was one of those who solved this connection on September 11 in a series of tweets that listed Suleimani's alleged terrorist activities, claiming that he helped in the clandestine trip to Afghanistan of 10 of the 12 terrorists who carried out the terrorist attacks of the September 11 in the United States.

Pence was eviscerated by analysts for lighting gas to the American public, and experts argued that the idea that Suleimani would help on September 11, knowingly or otherwise, made no sense, because besides being Shiite, he actually cooperated with the US government UU. Taliban in Afghanistan, which hosted the conspirators and perpetrators of September 11.

In fact, the assassination of General Suleimani opened a can of worms for the Trump administration with some Af-Pak experts asking why Washington should not attack Pakistani generals who have a more established track record of supporting and carrying out terrorist attacks.

Important point: why don't Americans face Taliban teachers in Pakistan in a similar way? The Taliban and their masters in Rawalpindi are responsible for the murder of 3,500 US soldiers in Afghanistan, asked Saad Mohseni, a leading Afghan businessman.

And from a US military veteran. UU. On Twitter: Americans killed by a group of foreign representatives are worthy of revenge when Iran provides support, but when Pakistan supports the Taliban and the HQN that assassinates Americans in AFG they get a peace agreement and Pakistan receives help

Several US military commanders UU. And administration officials have accused Pakistan's military intelligence agency, ISI, of using Taliban representatives to kill US personnel in Afghanistan without reprisals from successive administrations in Washington, except for aid cuts and degraded ties.

Earlier this week, the US secretary of state. UU. Mike Pompeo He revealed in a tweet that he had telephoned the Chief of Staff of Pakistan, Bajwa, and to inform him about the defensive action of the United States to kill Qassim Suleimani, adding that the actions of the Iranian regime in the region are destabilizing and our determination in protecting American interests, staff, facilities and partners will not hesitate. It was not clear if Pompeo intended it to be a warning to Bajwa and Pakistan, which in the eyes of some American analysts has carried out a covert power war against US forces in Afghanistan.

Separately, Washington is plagued with speculation about why Trump decided to go to such a rash action against Suleimani that it is resulting in something the president has tried to avoid: deploying more US troops abroad. One explanation is that Trump felt he looked weak after his 2019 decision to suspend an air strike against Iran after he shot down the US surveillance drone.

There is also the conjecture that Trump resented being controlled by Suleimani on social media. The Iranian general was apparently quite skilled on Twitter, often mocking Trump, even calling him a bartender and casino manager.

There are also more serious explanations about the attack, with a prominent American scribe who says it is difficult to decouple his (Sulemani) murder from the accusation saga. In fact, the saga of political judgment has been eliminated from the news cycle, at least for now.