Chandrashekhar Azad imprisoned ill, needs immediate medical attention: Bhim Army

NEW DELHI: On Saturday he said his jailed boss was not well and needed immediate medical attention.

Rejecting the claim, a senior prison official said that Azad was absolutely fine and that the problem had not been detected during routine medical check-ups performed by the jail's official doctor.

Azad's personal physician, Harjeet Singh Bhatti, said Bhim's army chief suffers from a disease that requires a biweekly phlebotomy, a procedure to remove additional red blood cells from the blood to treat certain blood disorders.

Bhim's army spokesman, Kush Ambedkarwadi, who met with the jailed chief on Friday, said Azad has been receiving treatment for the disease for the past few and a half years and had told authorities where he is. currently hosted about

The last phlebotomy session was scheduled a week ago. Azad has been complaining of headache, dizziness, pain in the abdomen, Bhatti said.

If Azad does not receive immediate medical attention, your blood may thicken and suffer cardiac arrest. The prison authorities do not allow him to visit AIIMS, he said.

This is an inhuman and clear violation of human rights. I request and (Minister of the Interior) Amit Shah to be admitted on AIIMS, he posted on Twitter.

However, prison authorities said Azad was absolutely fine and that medical assistance would be provided if necessary.

Delhi police arrested Azad on December 21, a day after his team organized a march from Jama Masjid against the new citizenship law without police permission.