Divya-Drishti Update, January 4: Divya and Drishti fail to catch Lal Chakor

In the last episode of Divya - Drishti , Divya & Drishti ask for Chikki who is Lal Chakor. Pishachini say what Lal Chakor It won't come if they call it.

As the Lal Chakor bird appears, Divya & Drishti use their magic to catch him but they are unable to trap.

Lal Chakor tells Chikki that his next command will come to her soon.

Drishti tells Rakshit that Raah Sitara has asked them to go to the caves as soon as possible.

Rakshit says they have promised their mother, not to go back to the caves. He tells Drishti to sleep, as she is very tired.

Pishachini plants a red sapling in the forest. When Chikki drops her tears on the sapling it grows bigger. Pishachini says that tomorrow when the sun rises this plant shall have red seeds that will do their work.

The next morning Lal Chakor bird comes in Rakshit & Drishti ’s bedroom & drops a red seed on their bed. Rakshit unknowingly touches the red seed.

Rakshit hears a tune & moves out to see where it is coming from. When Drishti wakes up a duplicate Rakshit is on the bed, but Drishti has no idea about it.

The real Rakshit meets Shikhar & Chikki locks them in a room.

The duplicate Shikhar behaves inappropriately with Divya & she slaps him.

Drishti & Divya suspect something is wrong because Rakshit & Shikhar are behaving strangely.

Pishachini & Chikki inform Lal Chakor that they have sent several duplicates of Rakshit & Shikhar at the Shergill house.