Sushil Modi challenges CMs in West Bengal and Kerala not to implement CAA, NPR

PATNA: BJP senior leader Sushil Kumar Modi on Saturday he dared and the main ministers, Mamata Banerjee and P Vijayan, respectively, for not implementing the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the National Population Registries if they can.

Sushil Modi, who is also Bihar’s deputy chief minister, said it’s not about discussing the National Citizens Registry (NRC) issue as Prime Minister Narendra Modi He has made it clear that the government had never discussed it.

NPR and NRC are two different things, he told reporters and blamed Congress and the RJD for the confusion in both NPR and NRC and also in CAA.

No state, including West Bengal, Kerala, Rajasthan, can refuse to implement the CAA or the NPR since the Center has the power to enact citizenship legislation. The preparation of the NPR is a legal provision that no state can refuse to implement, Modi said.

No chief ministers, even if he/she is opposed to CAA and NPR, can refuse to implement them. Neither West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee nor Kerala CM P Vijayan can say that they won't implement NPR in their states. They can say anything for public consumption. But they can't say no to CAA and NPR.

The NPR preparation process began in 2010 during the UPA regime, which was completed between April 1 and September 30 of that year, he said.

The Center is updating the NPR 2010 in 2020 just before the 2021 census.

The NPR process in 2020 will take place between April 1 and September 30 in the country. In Bihar it will take place between May 15 and 28, 2020, Sushil Modi said.

Administrative and punitive measures will be taken against officials if they refuse to carry out NPR, he added.

At the beginning of the press meeting, Sushil Modi reproduced an audio and video clip of former Union Interior Minister P Chidambaram, speaking in favor of NPR, whose purpose is to issue residence cards that will eventually lead to citizenship cards.

He wondered why Congress and RJD had participated in violent protests against the CAA when there is not a single migrant in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

The Deputy Chief Minister expressed his satisfaction that there were no incidents of major violence as individuals, especially Muslims understood that the CAA is not intended to take away citizenship from anyone.

When asked if respondents will have to disclose their parents' date and place of birth at the NPR, Sushil Modi said there is no mandatory provision for it.

He also emphasized that documents such as birth certificates or land documents of respondents will not be searched.

In response to a query, Sushil Modi was in favor of adding a caste column in the 2021 Census and said he would request the Center for it, as the state legislature passed a unanimous resolution in this regard.

In response to a consultation on the Minister of Interior of the Union Amit Shah According to the statement that NRC will be implemented across the country by 2024, he said there is no importance in anyone's statement once the prime minister has said the government has never discussed it.