Will make roads of Delhi like London, Tokyo: Arvind Kejriwal

NEW DELHI: Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal on Saturday he said that if he is re-elected, he will make roads in Delhi like that of London & Tokyo in the next five years. Speaking at his fifth town-hall meeting, anchored by a TV news channel, Kejriwal said his focus is to beautify Delhi & 40 roads are being redesigned in the city.

"The redesigning would be done by November, if okay, then all roads will be done accordingly. We will make roads of Delhi like that of London & Tokyo ," he said.

"We have hired consultants to identify bottlenecks in the city where traffic congestion takes place. They will submit their plan in the next couple of months & based on their suggestions, we will try to solve the problem of traffic congestion," he said.

He reiterated his promise to make bus trips free for others if he is reelected. He had said it before at his second town hall meeting. The meetings are part of the AAP election campaign.

"A lot of work still has to be done in Delhi. has to be cleaned, Delhi has to be cleaned, pollution needs to be controlled & transport needs to be improved," he said.

"We had started about 300 in Delhi & 150 Mohalla Clinics will be opened tomorrow," said Kejriwal.

Expressing concern about the increasing number of fire incidents in Delhi, he said measures will be taken if a trend in fire incidents is found.

"I'm concerned about the incidents of fire. We have ordered inquiries into all these incidents & if we find a trend on reasons behind the fires & we can solve them by taking a particular action, then we will definitely implement it," he said.

It is likely that the election of the assembly in Delhi will be held in February.