The deputy of BJP attacks against Owaisi by a spike of 'tear BJP', says that it will shave the beard of the leader of MIM

HYDERABAD: The deputy of BJP D Arvind has beaten the president of AIMIM, Asaduddin, for his alleged tearing of BJP's comment, saying he would shave his beard and hang it upside down.

In a veiled attack against the ruling TRS, which maintains friendly ties with the MIM and has opposed the CAA, the Nizamabad parliamentarian said he would stick Owaisi's beard to Prime Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao.

A week after Owaisi addressed a meeting in Nizamabad against the Citizens Amendment Act (CAA), Arvind made an exception to the first's comments that he would 'break' the BJP.

He told the MIM leader that his younger brother was stabbed and torn by his person ... in his area nine years ago in the area of ​​the Old City of Hyderabad and asked him does he talk about (tear) BJP?

The deputy of the BJP continued saying that he would hang Owaisi upside down on the same spot where he made the comments against the BJP and shave his beard.

In the same field, I will get a crane, I will hang upside down and shave my beard. I will not throw that beard. I will give promotion to that beard and I will stick it to the prime minister. People will come to know that he (Rao) is a mullah, said Arvind.

Owaisi should focus on the development of Hyderabad as his parliamentarian, he said, adding that several areas of the old city were stinking.

Arvind, who defeated Chandrasekhar's daughter Rao K Kavitha in the Lok Sabha elections, alleged that the prime minister became mullah.

Your child (Raos) is an atheist if they have any concerns about dharma. Are they talking about secularism? I ask.

In stating that CAA was against the Constitution, Owaisi, in his speech in Nizamabad, recalled that he had broken a copy of the bill in Parliament.

BJP members asked how I could break the bill. I said that my job is to break the black law and destroy you too, I had said.