Mayawati should visit Rajasthan to meet the 'families' of Kota victims: Priyanka responds to the head of the BSP

MEERUT: Returning to Supreme BSP Mayawati for criticizing her for keeping silent about the deaths of Kota infants, general secretary of Congress Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Saturday said that Mayawati herself should visit to meet the kin of the victims.

Priyanka's reaction comes after Mayawati questioned her silence on the death of infants in Kota and said the Congress leader should have met the women who had lost their children due to laxity of the Ashok Gehlot -led government in Rajasthan.

She (Mayawati) should visit Rajasthan to meet victims' families, Gandhi told reporters while responding to the BSP chief's statement.

Expressing her regret over the death of the babies, the leader of Congress said she took the details of the case.

I have taken details on the subject and a Congress team has gone there to get more information about it, he said.

Taking cognisance of the issue, Mayawati had on Thursday said that the Ashok Gehlot government remains insensitive and irresponsible towards it, which is extremely condemnable. In another post, Mayawati had said that what was sadder is the top leadership of the Congress and, in particular, its woman general secretary staying silent on the issue.

He added that if the female secretary general of Congress will not visit Kota to meet the mothers who lost their children, then their meetings with families of victims will be considered for political interest and drama.

The number of baby deaths at JK Lon Hospital in Kota reached 107, a hospital official said.

A three-member state government medical committee, which was sent to investigate the matter on December 23 and 24, found that KK Lon Hospital in Kota has no beds and requires improvements. However, the committee gave doctors a clean note for any failure due to the recent death of babies admitted there.