Opposition marginalized trying to foster disturbances by CAA: Jairam Thakur

DEHRADUN: The BJP alleged on Saturday that a marginalized opposition was trying to foster disturbances in the country over the amended Citizenship Law, but the people did not allow them to succeed in their machinations.

Affirming that the law was passed in Parliament to grant citizenship to persecuted religious minorities of Pakistan Bangladesh and Afghanistan , the prime minister said he was not destined to strip Indian minorities of their citizenship as propagated by Congress and other opposition parties.

A marginalized opposition is trying to incite violence in the country over the CAA, but people are in favor of the amended law and will never allow them to succeed in their machinations, he said.

Thakur spoke at a press conference as part of the party's program to counter the erroneous information that is being disseminated on the subject by opposition parties, including Congress.

He said the CAA has a strong humanitarian justification as it seeks to grant citizenship to the religious minorities of the three Muslim-majority countries that had taken refuge in India.

Considering Congress's opposition to the act strange, he said that even Mahatma Gandhi supported the persecuted religious minorities of the neighboring countries owed in India.

He said the need for CAA would not have arisen if the terms of the Nehru-Liaquat agreement by which India and Pakistan committed themselves to protecting the interests of their religious minorities were honoured by Pakistan .

"While Pakistan has failed to honour the agreement, India has followed terms of the agreement in letter and spirit. The fact is corroborated by the drastic decline of religious minorities in Pakistan which stood at 23 per cent at the time of Independence and at 3.7 per cent in 2011," he said.

"That means large-scale conversions took place in Pakistan . Those who resisted were persecuted and forced to escape to India as refugees," Thakur said.

As to whether strong opposition to the CAA by some states would interfere with its implementation throughout the country, the BJP leader said the states did not have a constitutional mechanism to resist its implementation.

It is a law passed by both Houses of Parliament for its implementation throughout the country and the states do not have a constitutional mechanism to stop it, he said in response to a question. Considering it a historical decision taken in national interest, such as the repeal of the provisions of article 370 or the prohibition of triple talaq, he said he deserves to be welcomed by all.

Thakur said it was another example of what a strong leadership like the one provided by the prime minister Narendra Modi and interior minister Amit Shah He was able to do for the country.