PM insulting the country by comparing it to Pak: Ghulam Nabi Azad

BENGALURU: Main leader of the Congress Ghulam Nabi Azad on Saturday he said even the police in Jammu and Kashmir can defeat Pakistan, which is a dead horse and accused the prime minister Narendra Modi of repeatedly resorting to rhetoric on behalf of the neighboring country, only to divert the attention of the nation from the central problems.

The opposition leader in Rajya Sabha also said Modi was insulting the country by comparing it to Pakistan.

I have not seen the Prime Minister talking about unemployment, the Interior Minister talking about farmer issues, no minister talking about the improvement of GDP and none of the BJP leaders talking about controlling price increases. These are the issues that concern each individual, whatever religion or caste they belong to, said Azad.

Speaking to reporters here, he said that what we hear is only rhetoric against Pakistan.

Pakistan is a dead horse ... just to deflect problems, Pakistan's name is in relief. What is Pakistan? If you send to the Kashmir police, they can also defeat Pakistan ... The Prime Minister insults India by comparing him to Pakistan. It is a great insult to India. I'm sorry!

The Prime Minister should not scare the Indians on behalf of Pakistan. It is very insulting that Pakistan attacks us. Are we so weak? He added.

Congress has often accused the Prime Minister of raising emotional or sensitive issues such as Pakistan and terrorism to divert the attention of the nation from central issues such as economy, employment, price increases, among other things.

Noting that protests against the CAA are occurring throughout the country, Azad said in recent decades that he had not seen spontaneous turmoil across the country that involved all sectors of society, religions and regions.

It clearly indicates that something really went wrong somewhere, said the leader of Congress by paying tribute to two people killed during the protest against CAA in Mangaluru last month, calling them innocent children.

He also made it clear that not only Muslims were killed during protests against the CAA in various parts of the country and said: all sectors of the people are part of the protests ... the whole country has lived up to the circumstances against this Act.

Noting that in Parliament most of the political parties had opposed the CAB, Azad said that in the Lok Sabha government he used the gross majority to achieve it, while in Rajya Sabha it was approved with a very narrow margin.

He said that five regional parties such as BJD, JD (U) and the YSR Congress, among others who voted in favor of the bill, have now realized that they made a mistake, if they had voted against the bill , would not have been approved. He would have been defeated by 8-10 votes.

Azad also denied the accusation that Congress was behind the anti-CAA and NRC protests across the country and said the BJP was making such accusations since they lack the capacity and experience to govern such a vast and diverse country, where everyone is treated equally.

If we were strong enough to also mobilize the opinion of the UN, to satisfy the German chancellor, the president of France and the number of heads of state and various organizations around the world, then BJP would have won only two seats, he said.

Referring to the statement of the former Foreign Secretary, he said that India is being abused internationally after approving acts such as the CAA.

The UN, the German chancellor and the French president, among other important leaders of the world, have made statements against us, and so did the global media.

Menon also criticized the government on Friday for amending the Citizenship Law, saying that India has been isolated through the movement and that the list of critical voices both at home and abroad is quite long.

The leader of the Congress alleged that in the first five years of his coming to power, the Prime Minister spent a lot of money to make his own image, but in the sixth year he is solely responsible for destroying it, and the Congress or any other party of the opposition did not have to do anything. anything.

As most of the promises made by Modi before the polls were false and his government had failed to implement them, he said, adding that the only option left for this government was to polarize people in the name of religion, which are doing effectively.

That is why they are presenting bills that will make people fight each other and the approach will deviate from the problems, he added.

However, the people of the country lately realized that BJP was using them only to vote and taught him a lesson, he said adding in the Haryana polls, where the repeal of Article 370 was used as an electoral problem and during Election of Jharkhand: where CAB used to campaign, the performance of the game was bad.

People have understood that BJP was showing the moon and only hated it in return, Azad added.