Vikrant Massey: Hope 'Chhapaak' starts conversation about acid violence

Bollywood actor Vikrant Massey plays a fundamental role in the upcoming movie 'Chhapaak', which addresses the crime of acid violence against women. Wait for the movie to start a conversation about the heinous crime.

I just hope that with this movie a conversation begins about why acid attacks happen in women and what actions should be taken to stop the heinous crime. It's not that we don't know, it's just that we ignore it, said Vikrant media agency

The film's story is inspired by the survivor of the acid attack Lakshmi Agarwal, who became a victim of the crime in 2005. He later became the Indian activist for Stop Sale Acid.

The stars of the movie Deepika Padukone , whose character Malti is based on Laxmi. Essays by Vikrant, a journalist who eventually becomes Malti's love interest.

It has rarely happened that we look beyond appearance when it comes to a love story. In our cinema, we always give priority to the vanity and beauty of the girl. Here is a love story in which the boy and the girl fall in love with the individuals they are. This part of the narrative is very special, Vikrant shared.

When collaborating with Deepika for the first time, Vikrant said: I don't know what process it takes to create a character, but from my observation I can say that it internalizes the character it portrays on the screen and sometimes it costs her. I know that Malti's character is special to her and impacted her as an interpreter.

There were days when she responded like Malti even off camera. I think that as an actress, she has given everything, emptied herself to create Malti. Maybe that's why she felt overwhelmed during the release of the movie trailer, Vikrant shared

When asked about possible solutions to a problem such as acid violence, Vikrant emphasized the sensible parenthood of children in a patriarchal society that generally does not teach them how to handle women's rejection.

There is a different kind of education that we give to the son of the house than to the daughter, where we do not teach a child to accept rejection. Later, it becomes an ego problem. In most cases of acid violence, the boy throws acid on a girl when she rejects her marriage proposal. The first step in stopping crime is to change education, and parents must take that step. Children must learn to accept 'no' for an answer and (realize) why consent is the most important thing. I guess the right kind of parenting can build a progressive society, Vikrant signed.

Directed by Meghna Gulzar , 'Chhapaak' premieres on January 10.