India vs Sri Lanka: the rest was not difficult since I did not feel any pain, says Jasprit Bumrah

GUWAHATI: The four-month forced rest due to a stress fracture was not a difficult period for the spearhead of India. Jasprit Bumrah since there was no pain and he used time outside the game to work on his strength and conditioning.

Bumrah returns to the competition Cricket against Sri Lanka at the opening of the international T20 on Sunday.

It was not difficult for me, since I never had pain. Not even for a single day. I took it as an opportunity to develop my strength, Bumrah told after his first training session with the team.

He was always up to date on how the team progressed and did his homework so he doesn't feel like it once he returns to action.

I always kept track of what is happening, so when you return to the team, you should not be far away.

The 26-year-old pitcher felt that playing all three formats continually affected his fitness, so rest was necessary.

When you play continuously, your strength level drops. Your fitness level may also drop a bit. So I was looking for how to regain strength, how to improve the things I wanted to improve.

So take some free time and come back fresh. Be hungry again. So all these things were on my mind. I am not looking too far. He wanted to take one game at a time, Bumrah said.

Bumrah feels that if one plays regularly, it becomes difficult to remain hungry.

"Initially what happened, I was playing a lot of Cricket and it was very difficult to manage the hunger. I was playing regularly. Then I got a break and after that I felt like 'now you want to play as soon as possible'. You are always eager but you don't want to rush into things."

Bumrah thanked the support staff of India for constantly keeping track of their rehabilitation work and for giving their valuable input.

Very good contributions (from the bowling coach Bharat Arun ) I was always in touch with the support staff. The team management also kept asking me what was happening and how I was progressing. Constant monitoring was taking place. They asked questions like what do you want to do now that you have returned from rest.

Bumrah was satisfied with his first full training session under lights on Friday night.

The intensity was very good, very high, to the point where you did exactly what you wanted to do.

In the field session, we covered all the bases, we made the high catches, we did the tiebreaker practice. And in the networks, we saw bowling, we practice bowling yorkers. Check all the boxes, he added.