Roja is married to her childhood friend.

Model become an actress Red Paromita Dey who acted in films like Bhobishyoter Bhoot by Anik Dutta, Kathmandu by Raj Chakarabarty, Cockpit by Kamaleswar Mukherjee and Aniket Chattopadhyay Hoichoi Unlimited married Thursday with his childhood friend Indraneel Roy in a rajbari. From the decoration to the menu, everything had a Bangalian. The place was decorated with jasmine garlands and the menu was koraisutir kochuri, started bhaja, pulao, narkel chingri, kosha manghso just to name a few. Red looked bright with a red Benarasi and dressed like a beautiful Bengali bride. “Since childhood, Dodo (Indraneel) and I are neighbors. We both live in Nagerbajar. Actually, we are for friends and we have known each other since the age of six. Dodo proposed to me when I was in college and we are in this relationship for 12 years. I guess we fought 1200 times in the last 12 years for silly things. But thank God, it was never a serious problem. In fact, on Thursday night we also fought after marriage about Basor Jaga, ”said the bride with a smile. Indraneel has its own business, while Roja is dedicated to full-time modeling now. Who is more romantic, we ask Red? I'm more romantic than Dodo but he's more attentive, said Red. She added: “Dodo never ceases to amaze me. I don't remember the amount of gifts he has given me in all these years. And the best part is your affectionate attitude, no matter what. And he loves to see me in western costumes, so on the day of our marriage he constantly told me he looked weird.

The couple will travel to Maldives on January 18 for their honeymoon.