TTD's contribution to the Andhra Pradesh government increased from Rs 2.5 million to Rs 50 million

TIRUPATI: The contribution of Tirumala Devasthanams to the government of the state of Andhra Pradesh has increased from 2.5 million rupees to 50 million rupees, following the decision of the government of the state of Andhra Pradesh to introduce amendments to the Allocations Law.

Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams: the richest temple administration in the country will now have to cough 50 million rupees annually in the form of contributions to the Andhra Pradesh state government for the Common Good Fund (CGF), the Endowment Administrative Fund (EAF) and Archaka Welfare Fund (AWF).

The Andhra Pradesh state government sought to improve its contributions in the form of a lump sum under the three different heads through a memorandum, after which the TTD trust board under the presidency of YV Subba Reddy agreed on the state government proposal during the review of the TTD budget estimates made outside the meeting of the TTD trust meeting on December 28.

According to TTD sources, in 2012, the then commissioner of endowments represented the TTD trust board to improve the CGF and EAF to Rs 15 crore and Rs 10 crore. Following the request, the TTD trust board passed a resolution to increase TTD contributions accordingly and sent it to the state government to amend the law.

But as the state government did not modify the law, TTD continued to pay Rs.2.25 million rupees so far, since the provision did not change.

However, the current government now decided to amend the law and proposed additional amendments to the previous proposal that did not include an increase in the Archaka welfare fund from Rs 50 lakh to Rs. Rs 25 million.

The AP government proposed to improve the contribution of TTD to the Common Good Fund from Rs 1.25 million to Rs 15 million, the administrative endowment fund from 50 lakh to Rs 10 million and the Archaka welfare fund from 50 lakh to Rs 25 million. The state government also proposed to look for Rs. Rs 16 million towards salaries for archakas working with the endowments department.

In addition to increasing the annual contributions of TTD to Rs 50 crore, the state government has also proposed to further increase the contributions by 10% once every 5 years.

Previously, apart from the annual contribution of Rs 1.25 million rupees to CGF, TTD used to contribute Rs 16 million rupees annually towards the Dhoopa-Deepa Naivedyam scheme. Then, the total contribution of TTD to the state government stood at Rs 17.25 million rupees annually so far.

And in addition to this, the AP state government submits several requests to the TTD to provide financial assistance to raise temples and other temples throughout the state. And these requests used to represent an additional financial burden for TTD funds with a sum of approximately Rs 30 - Rs 50 crore each year.

It was learned that during the meeting of the TTD trust board that approved the state government's proposal to increase TTD contributions to the state government to Rs 50 crore from Rs 2.5 crore, several members of the trust board of The TTD trust board expressed concerns and opined that the body of the temple should now reject improper requests for financial assistance to renovate/raise other temples throughout the state, especially with TTD contributions to the now increased state government.