12-year-old Uzbek boy recovers his voice after 10 years after surgery at the Delhi hospital

NEW DELHI: a 12 year old boy Uzbekistan who had lost the ability to speak after undergoing a surgical procedure that saved his life at the age of three years after a serious accident in his country, recovered his voice after being operated by a team of doctors in a hospital of The city here.

A team of doctors in the hospital here performed the surgery in which the child's trachea was reconstructed.

He fell from the terrace of his house suffering critical head injuries for which he underwent, a surgical procedure that involves creating an opening in the neck to place a tube in the trachea in his country.

For almost 10 years since the boy had to live with a hole in his neck because he lost the ability to speak, said Dr., a consultant in the ENT department of.

Childhood is about talking, learning and exploring. However, Khusanbek was deprived of all these pleasures because he could not speak. After 10 years of not being able to communicate, his mother approached us, the doctor said.

The boy was admitted to the hospital on December 16. The surgery was planned to run in two stages.

In the first stage, Khusanbek underwent an endoscopic examination where it was discovered that his airway was narrowing, a condition called subglottic stenosis. After the evaluation, a T-tube was placed in his trachea, said Dr., a senior consulting surgeon, ENT, at Indraprastha Apollo hospitals.

After the examination, it was decided that reconstructive surgery would be performed to correct the narrow airway. This was technically challenging, said Dr. Kishore.

After seven days, the second stage surgery was performed. Proper reconstruction of your trachea was successfully performed using a part of your rib as a graft, which caused the trachea to widen. The operation allowed to close the opening in the neck. Elaborate doctor.

The child remained in the pediatric intensive care unit for one day under the supervision of Dr. Pediath's senior pediatrician in the hospital. The next day, they took him out of the fan and removed the tube he was carrying for about 10 years.

Finally, after 10 years of misery, suffering and living without a voice, the child can speak again. Now he has returned home and leads a normal life, said Dr. Naruka.

We are happy that Khusanbek can now speak clearly, said Dr. Kishore, adding that tracheotomy is more dangerous in children than in adults and carries special risks in young people.

With the advancement of technology and the evolution of procedures such as tracheotomy, it became easier to perform such surgeries, the doctor said.