'Shikara' will revisit the exodus of Kashmir Hindus in 1990

On January 19, 1990, Kashmir Pandit s witnessed a horrible genocide that led to its exodus from the Kashmir valley. Thirty years later, filmmaker Vidhu Vinod Chopra , who comes from Srinagar, is ready to give an idea of ​​what happened to his home state and his people during that fateful tragedy and its consequences, through his upcoming movie 'Shikara: a Kashmir love letter'.

'Shikara' is touted as a story of resistance against insurmountable odds. It is also the story of a love that remains extinct through 30 years of exile. A timeless love story in the worst moments.

Rahul Pandita, author of the book, 'Our moon has blood clots: The exodus From Kashmir Pandit s', he became a Bollywood screenwriter for 'Shikara: a Kashmir love letter'.

In his book, Rahul has written about the difficulties faced by Kashmir pandits who were forced to leave the Kashmir Valley as a result of being targeted by militant Islamist groups in the 1990s.

It is said that the film will not adapt completely from the book. The creators have taken the path of a love story to highlight the tragedy witnessed by Kashmir Pandit s 30 years ago.

Rahul, who was a victim of that exodus, launched his book in 2013. Chopra was present at the event at that time.

The film is clearly very close to Chopra, who will put on the director's hat after its director 'Eklavya: The Royal Guard' that came to the screens in 2007.

The producer of '3 Idiots' has directed, edited and produced 'Shikara'.

Your trailer will be released on January 7 and your motion poster has already made the right noise.

The film's creators released the official motion poster on YouTube last month, describing what happened to the cashmere pandits 30 years ago.

What is knowing the agony of being a refugee in your own country? The year 1990 saw the greatest forced migration in independent India whereby more than 4,000,000 cashmere panditas had to flee the Kashmir valley, the manufacturers said. Video of 37 seconds duration.

Not much is known about the film, including its cast, although it is believed that music teacher AR Rahman, who had also tweeted the motion poster in December, will give him music.

One Internet user commented: @VVCFilms is making a movie about Exodus of kashmiri pandits. A great director ... I hope Bollywood will now listen and talk about it ... #Shikara.

Another wrote: #vidhuvinodchopra I congratulate you for highlighting the cause of Kashmir Pandit and sending the message to millions of people from the unheard voice of #KashmiriPandits.

Another Internet user felt that for the first time Bollywood has shown "courage to show the whole world the reality of Kashmiri Pundits Genocide".

One got emotional and wrote: "As a Kashmir Pandit displaced abroad, it is already immensely overwhelming and even triggering to see the imagery in this teaser release. To have my community's story be acknowledged, validated, and represented means the world. Growing up watching Gujaratis and Punjabis and the like have a home state to go back to and a language to pass on to their children has been sobering, knowing my people would never achieve the same feeling of belonging.

Seeing this, I am gloomy, angry and grateful once for the choice to finally tell this story after so many years without repairs. I told this story to directors such as Nandita Das and Hansal Mehta and everyone agreed that it was necessary to tell it. But nobody could understand how to make it happen. Thank you, Mr. Chopra, and the entire cast and team of Shikara for putting your necks on the line and making this incredibly brave move.

Chopra had also shared some ideas and images of his house and others in Kashmir. He also used the platform to show what houses now looked like in ruins and empty.

'Shikara' is scheduled to hit theaters on February 7, 2020.

Vivek Agnihotri is another filmmaker who wants to present the unreported story of Kashmir Hindus in his next film, 'The Kashmir Files'.

Kashmir Hindus were literally massacred, raped and left homeless. It is one of the most tragic genocides in Indian history, but it is absent from our history and our conscience. All I want to achieve is to present the unreported history of Kashmir Hindus, Agnihotri said. He had told the media agency, and added: I think the artists owe it to the society that consumes their work. It is incredible that there are so many movies in Kashmir, but not even one about the misery, pain and loss of (state) Hindu minority.

'The Kashmir Files', based on the genocide of Kashmiri Hindu s, is scheduled to hit screens in August 2020.