In this New Year, I want to consciously devote time to social work: Sounak Ray

Television actor Lightning Sounak , who plays the role of Nabakumar, in the series Kopalkundala, had a very hectic end of the year. By balancing work and also spending quality time with his family and friends, the actor told us that, unlike 2018, the year 2019 was more productive. Glancing at Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve, Sounak said: “From the moment I started working at Kopalkundala, I barely have a day off. So, I decided that if there is a Christmas break, I will spend the whole day at home lounging around. Then, I got up very late and had lunch at home. Then, in the afternoon, I went to Park Street with my friends. Although it was very crowded, I love the atmosphere of Park Street during Christmas. The day concluded by digging in a chicken dish Biryani . The celebration of Sounak New Year's Eve was also practically the same. I call the New Year Having a party with your friends. That day, the diet was in the background for the actor, since it was delivered to all his favorite dishes such as grilled chicken, noodles, chili mushroom and much more. Talking about his New Year resolutions, Sounk, said, “In this New Year , I hope to be positive always. Grow as an actor and also improve my acting skills. I also want to spend as much time as possible with my family and want to consciously devote time to social work.”