Abdul Sattar of Shiv Sena offers to resign as minister of Maharashtra: Sources

AURANGABAD: Shiv Sena MLA Abdul Sattar He offered to resign as Minister of State, sources said Saturday.

According to former MP Chandrakant Khaire, Sattar is angry over Shiv Sena's decision to support Congress in the Zilla Parishad president elections.

Khaire said he had a conversation with Sattar in a hotel here.

BJP MLA and former assembly speaker Haribhau Bagde were also seen at the hotel. He said he was visiting the hotel for some personal work.

Speaking to the media, Sattar's son Sameer said: I have no information about this, only he can talk about it and I am sure he will talk soon, better wait and look.

Sattar was among the 36 Congress, and Shiv Sena leaders who were sworn-in as ministers on December 30.

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