Terrorism that threatens peace worldwide, the world needs a Mahatma Gandhi: Minister of Human Resources

NEW DELHI: The Union's HRD minister, 'Nishank,' said Saturday at a time when terrorism is threatening peace throughout the world, the world needs a Mahatma Gandhi .

Addressing a gathering at the launch of 'World Book Fair 2020' at here, he said, "Asia's largest book fair is celebrating Gandhi. At a time when incidents of terrorism are occurring across the globe ... personal interests have threatened brotherhood and peace, we need Gandhi the most."

Under such circumstances, the world needs Mahatma Gandhi 's principles of truth, love and nonviolence, the minister said.

People also need vedas, puranas and upanishads from India that are repositories of knowledge and science, he said.

He said that people are moving away from books today, which leads to the deformation of ideas and this must stop.

Up to 600 publishers from 23 countries participate in the book fair that will continue until January 12.