Science does not look at religion, caste: CNR

BENGALURU: Arguing that, unlike other fields, it is not just a profession, but a lifelong occupation, Professor CNR Rao said Saturday that science does not discriminate as long as scientists are willing to work hard and pursue challenges.

Science doesn't know religion Caste color. He just wants a good mind. Not the brain, which even small animals have, but a good mind is what science allows. In addition, their background does not matter, there are so many examples of people from poor backgrounds who do great science, Rao said at the inauguration of the Indian Science Congress (ISC-2020).

Noting how several great findings and discoveries in science come from people with engineering degrees, he said: You don't even need a degree in science, you don't need much money. If you set out to solve problems and do good science with dedication, science will never let you down. ”

Rao reiterated that India wants to be a great power financially and politically, it must first become a great power in science, he said: You must have heard some speeches yesterday too ... But in India, science does not acquire importance like some other fields, and unless it gives importance to science, India will be a secondary country.

“... What we lack in India are dedicated scientists and workers. Most people just want money and do all kinds of things and do science on the sidelines. But science consumes everything in your life and, unless you are completely dedicated, you cannot do science, ”he added.

Taking the example of how China deals with science, he said that India cannot match the neighbor either in terms of quantity or quality. “So, the question we must ask ourselves is why is India not at the top? And then we have to address it. But such discussions are not happening in the country, he said.