Brad Pitt reveals the secret of his first kiss

Brad Pitt He is undoubtedly one of the most popular actors in the world. While the Hollywood Star can knock you out with his performances on the screen, he can also make you weaken your knees with his good killer appearance.

And, if your recent interview has something to do with it, it seems that Brad has been a charmer from an early age. Talking to a women's magazine, the actor said his first Kiss was when he was in grade four. Vividly recalling the incident, Brad said that the girl’s name was Lisa, and her house was just one street away from his. The Kiss happened in her garage.

Interestingly, the Hollywood star said that soon after the Kiss , he just ran home. Like most love-struck people, Brad said that the anticipation of the Kiss was a “bit nerve-wracking.”

Brad also felt nostalgic for his walk night. Seems, he went for two walk s and wore a white tuxedo. The 56-year-old actor also said that he danced a lot at his walk s. Surprisingly, for the next 20 years, he didn’t dance at all!