Update from Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, January 3: Meenakshi replaces Mishti's letter to Open

In the last episode of Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, Vishambhar tells him Mishti that Open He may not return with her, and he feels sorry for her.

He tells Mishti that if by tomorrow Open does not return to her, the first ritual of her marriage with Nishant It will be done tomorrow.

Open tells Parul that she must go to Kunal and give him his tea. Jugnu tries to give Open a hint about the letter.

Kuhu sees Mishti and tells her that if she loves Open she must not hurt him. Mishti tells Kuhu that she believes that Open loves him.

Varsha tells Nishant that Mishti was happy when she was with Open but today she supports Vishambhar’s decision about him and Mishti .

Jasmeet asks Nishant to refuse his marriage with Mishti . Nishant tells her that Mishti needs time to think, so he must wait for her decision.

Parul gets tea for Kunal but he does not take it and she leaves. Kuhu tells Kunal he must think about accepting Parul as his mother.

Jugnu finally gets a chance to tell Open that Mishti had come home yesterday night and gives him her letter.

When Open reads the letter, he understands that Mishti is tired fighting for him and chooses Nishant over him.

We see in flashback that Meenakshi had replaced the Mishti’s letter with another letter which she wrote.

Jugnu informs Mishti that he gave her letter to Open . Mishti is standing outside Open ’s house and sees him on the balcony, but wonders why he isn’t happy even after reading the letter.