Cancer causes a couple at war in Ahmedabad to close the cruelty chapter

AHMEDABAD: Participated in a divorce for the past five years, a city doctor called the truce with his wife after he was diagnosed with cancer.

The doctor withdrew his statement in the upper court of Gujarat challenging the divorce granted by the family court of Ahmedabad four years ago with a touching request to his wife not to use the allegations of cruelty against him in the future.

The request arose from the fact that the family court had granted a divorce to his wife for the fact that she had suffered cruelty from the husband.

Last week, the husband resigned in court with a proposal to the wife stating that he wanted to spend the rest of his time without the black dot in his life and, therefore, should not use accusations of cruelty against him in the future .

The wife, a class I officer of the central government, also corresponded and presented to the HC that she has no inclination to initiate any procedure against the doctor.

He assured the court: Accusations of cruelty will not be used as a weapon in the future for any other purpose.

Woman living quietly with her son

His advocate, Aftab Ansari, said the woman lives quietly with her son after her divorce from the doctor.

According to the details of the case, the couple had married in March 2007 and became the parents of a child. After marital disputes arose, the wife filed for divorce in the family court of Ahmedabad in 2014, citing cruelty from her husband.

In 2016, the family court granted a divorce under the Muslim Marriage Dissolution Act by accepting the woman's claim that she was a victim of cruelty by her husband.

The husband challenged this divorce in the HC and continued to claim that the family court had wrongly concluded that he was cruel in the domestic relationship.

After the wife filed for divorce, the doctor also approached the family court to assert her marital rights and won the case.

The wife filed an appeal against this court order that ordered her to live with her husband in the HC.

The HC annulled the order and ordered the family court to resolve the matter again.

However, this problem was also resolved with the husband's desire to end the dispute on the condition that the wife save him from the stain of being a cruel person.