Margot Robbie followed conservative women on Twitter for the role of 'Bombshell'

Actor Margot Robbie He has revealed that to prepare for his role in 'Bombshell', he created a fake Twitter account and followed 'millenary conservative young men'. The 29-year-old actor plays Kayla Pospisil in the film about Roger Ailes's fall from misfortune for multiple accusations of sexual harassment.

In an interview, Robbie said he also referred to the 2001 Resse Witherspoon movie. ' Legally blonde '.

"Every day, I'd do the monologue from ' Legally blonde ,'" Robbie said.

The actor added that he wanted to channel Elle Woods of Witherspoon since the character was incredibly intelligent but also underestimated by his appearance.

Robbie said that, as part of his preparation, he followed young conservatives on Twitter.

He also watched videos of Katherine Harris, the former secretary of state of Florida, who was in office at the time of the controversial recount of Bush's presidential elections against Gore.

Robbie's Kayla is a composite character created by writer Charles Randolph to represent all the women who were harassed by Ailes.

I did not understand it to begin with. But my process is to investigate a lot, to consider each option, to know each situation, scenario, thought and motivation inside and out, so that I can enter the set and then let it go, said the actor.

'Bombshell', which also features Charlize Theron how Megyn Kelly and Nicole Kidman how Gretchen Carlson, released in India on Friday.