Srijato prepares for his individual exhibition

Poet-lyricist Srijato You are preparing for your next individual exhibition, Andhokar Srijato . In the program, scheduled for January 5, you will read his darkest poems to represent what we are all going through. There are times and there are darker times. History has witnessed creative people shouting through their artistic expression during the darkest hours of human civilization . Srijato believes we are living in one of those Dark Age right now. For the show, Srijato is accumulating his writings that depict the darkness of our present time. “The concept of the program is rather intriguing and I feel that at least literature can be the only voice against the time that is dud, dark and emits dejection, Srijato said. He wants to refer to all the literary work He has been doing rigorously all these years to find a consort in this hour of sadness. He strongly believes that these writings are his manifesto where he constantly strives to move forward.