Protest against the CAA: Priyanka Gandhi makes an unscheduled visit to Muzaffarnagar

MUZAFFARNAGAR: leader of the Congress Priyanka Gandhi Vadra made an unscheduled visit to this western city on Saturday to meet the families of those who suffered the worst part of the recent violent protests against the amended Citizenship Law.

The Secretary General of Congress visited the residences of some of those injured in the violence during widespread protests against the Citizens Amendment Act.

I will be with you in this hour of anguish, he told one of them.

Later, he told mediators that people were beaten mercilessly and even children and minors were not saved. A 22-year-old woman, who was seven months pregnant, was also beaten, she said.

Priyanka said he highlighted each and every one of the police excesses in his extensive memorandum to the governor of Uttar Pradesh during his previous visit to the state.

He had visited Lucknow last week and met the families of the wounded or killed during the violent protests against the Law.

Previously, she had gone to Bijnour and met the families of those killed in the violent clashes there. But he was not allowed to visit Meerut.

Authorities claim that 19 people were killed in the state during violent clashes.