Update from Kundali Bhagya, January 3: The Luthra family is attacked by thieves in the mehendi function

In the last episode of Kundali Bhagya Says Mahira's mother Sherlyn that a man seeks Preeta . Sherlyn suspects it to be Prithvi .

Prithvi hides his face and walks away from Sherlyn. Masked robbers enter the hall with guns and threaten everybody. The guests start running, and Prithvi hides under a table.

One of the thieves waits Rishabh at gunpoint.

Shrishty He gives oil to Dadi. She checks it saying that it is safe for Mahira to apply on her palms.

Thief shoots in the air with his gun. Everyone understands that something is wrong in the hallway. Karan tells Preeta to wait outside and he enters the hall through the back window.

The thieves ask all the women to give them their jewels.

Kritika tries to pass a phone to Karan but it goes to Sherlyn, who is hiding under a table. She pushes the phone out and Rishabh gets hold of it.

The robbers see Rishabh with the phone and take it away from him.

Rishabh tells the robbers that they must not harm anyone and if they need money, he shall give it. They refuse to accept money from him, and tie him to a chair.

Two of the robbers go to look for the bride. Prithvi looks for the groom’s dressing room but the robbers come there, so he hides behind a table.

The thieves pass without realizing it and drop a mask nearby.