Beyhadh Update January 2, 3: Rudra is about to reveal the truth of MJ

In the last episode of Beyhadh 2 , Rudra He says MJ that he has crossed the boundaries of all relations and trust. MJ He says Rudra whatever he did was to save him.

Rudra gives MJ the papers of a case that he has filed against him. Rishi He says Rudra that he is misunderstanding MJ , Rudra asks him if he can really handle the truth about MJ .

Rudra He says MJ that if he does not give him the company back, he shall see him in court. Maya watches everything on her projector.

Rudra calls a press conference to share about the case he has made against MJ. Rishi asks him to cancel the conference but Rudra does not listen to him.

Ananya He says Rudra she will not support him to fight against MJ . Maya and Rajiv arrive there, saying they will support Rudra .

MJ makes a call to stop the conference from happening. The journalists come at the conference but they all get a message to not take Rudra’s statements.

Rudra is frustrated and Maya He says him that a fight is not only won by power but also with mind. Rudra shoots a video and broadcasts it live on the internet.

Rudra is about to reveal the truth about MJ and how he betrayed him. Ananya informs him that MJ is ready to give him his shares back.

Rudra changes the topic and explains that family and betrayal is the title for a new book his publication will be releasing and this video was a teaser for it.