Karanuday Jenjani: Showbiz is not for the weak

It may seem glamorous from the outside, but a career in show It can be quite challenging. Karanuday Jenjani ( Kiran ) estaría de acuerdo. El mundo del show definitivamente no es para los débiles, dice.

The actor, who has been part of movies, television shows and music videos, has seen the ups and downs in the entertainment industry. “I am happy to be part of this industry, but it can also be really difficult. There have been times when I signed a project and it has not taken off. Then there are situations in which one is replaced at the last minute. I have friends in the industry, who are producers and in creative departments, but I never got a job for that; I've always got roles only through auditions.

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Uncertainty and lack of fixed income are the other banes, feels Kiran. He explains, “There is a storm in your life when there is no work, but you have to overcome that phase using your savings, emotional support from family and friends, and lots of self-control. You have to be ready to brave it like a soldier. ”

Recalling a heart-wrenching experience, Kiran says, “Five years ago, when my mother, a diabetic, fractured her shoulder, I juggled shooting and taking care of her. The following year, she fell again and broke her hip bone. Somehow, I fought that battle, too. And then, last year, her sugar levels dipped, and she broke her thigh bone and elbow. This time around, I was weak financially and mentally. I just could not see my mom’s pain, she was bedridden for four months. At that point, I regretted being in show , and have even cried over the lack of work guarantee in the TV industry.