Village without power in Gujarat gives away pots of water for a wedding banquet for a boyfriend

VADODARA: It Was An Embarrassing Situation For The Family Of Naresh Tadvi, Who Was Getting Married On Tuesday, In The Krishnapura Settlement In Taluka Of Chhota Udepur. They Had To Feed More Than 1,000 Guests, But There Was No Electricity To Draw. Water Of Perforated Wells.

Tadvi’s family members had to then go knocking every door in the village requesting them to donate Water for cooking food for the guests.

Tadvi, a 30-year-old farmer, said, “There are power outages almost every day, but that is during the later hours of the day. On Tuesday, there was no electricity since early morning and therefore the bore wells were not working.” The village has only one hand-pump in working condition, but to use it for pulling enough Water for cooking and drinking purposes for the guests would have taken several hours. “We then went to every household requesting for Water and they readily agreed,” said Tadvi. Around 35 to 40 women from the village donated two pots of Water each to the Tadvi family so that their special day would not get ruined.

“We received quite a lot of Water to fill two drums and many other women lined up at the hand pump to fetch more,” said Tadvi adding, “It was a difficult situation in the morning because we had guests coming from faraway towns and villages for the lunch.”

The tribal-dominated district is reeling under severe Water shortage due to which there have been several instances where the brides too have lined up at hand pumps to get Water for guests.