The game threatened my career, admits Wayne Rooney

LONDON: former England captain Wayne Rooney He has revealed an addiction to the game that threatens to damage his brilliant career.

Rooney, who made his debut for the championship Derby this week, said he was absorbed by his initial success as a player.

The Manchester United record scorer lost large amounts of money and began chasing his bets to try to get him back.

In a video for the 32Red Stay In Control game awareness campaign, Rooney, 34, said: I was a young boy who had just made a lot of money.

For an away game with Manchester United, you stay in a hotel, and with England you are in a hotel for seven to 10 days. You get bored and do things to fill the time. At that time, the game was one of them.

Rooney, who has since managed to stop playing, decided to discuss the problem after facing criticism for Derby's decision to give him the 32nd shirt in association with a betting sponsor.

It was easy to place bets over the phone. It didn't look like real money. It wasn't as if he had to bet and place bets where there are limits, he said.

Before you know it, you have lost a good part and do not realize the amount you are earning at that time. I won at the beginning and thought it was easy money. It absorbs you a little more and I ended up losing, ended up down.

I was chasing my bets trying to get my money back. You are there to play in your country or club and when you lose money like me, that will affect you.

Fortunately I managed to pay what I lost and did not play again. I learned from my mistakes. If you continue playing, you lose more. That's when you can be absorbed by a bad situation.