Haryana cabinet approves Hindi use plan in lower courts

CHANDIGARH: In a development that may disturb the legal fraternity, the cabinet has approved a proposal to amend the Haryana Act of 1969 to authorize the use of procedures and sentences passed by courts subordinated to the superior court of Punjab and Haryana. This will mean that any sentence, decree or order approved or delivered by the courts and tribunals will be in Hindi.

The state cabinet headed by ML also decided to ask the governor of Haryana to take the president's consent for the use of Hindi, in addition to English, for state-related procedures and sentences by the superior court of Punjab and Haryana. The cabinet also decided that all necessary infrastructure, including staff training, will be provided within six months, to ensure the smooth implementation of the proposed amendment.

The purpose of justice in a democracy is that the plaintiff must obtain justice quickly in his own language and not run out of words during the process, '' Khattar said.

The state government will ensure enough translators

The CM said that the state will have the responsibility of providing an adequate number of translators or other personnel for this to happen. The CM suggested that Punjab could also address this since administrative work in the state was already being carried out in Punjabi.

The Haryana Official Languages ​​Act of 1969 was approved by the State Legislature to establish the adoption of Hindi as the language that will be used for official purposes in Haryana.

Section 3A will be added to the Law so that the procedures or judgments of all civil and criminal courts subordinated to the higher court, revenue courts, rental courts or any other court or tribunal constituted by the state government are approved in Hindi , according to the statement.

The government also received a letter of demand signed by 78 MLA from Haryana, the attorney general and hundreds of lawyers.