Pakistan's ISPR recruits youth for cyber propaganda war in India

NEW DELHI: Pakistan Public relations between services (ISPR), headed by Major General Asif Ghafoor, have been recruiting young people to spread propaganda against India on social networks and have recruited more than 1,000 interns in a year, sources said Thursday.

ISPR, the media wing, is organizing a competition every month to reward young people whose tweets are more retweeted. The awards include work and contracts at the Fauzi Foundation.

Young people win the award when an influential social media manager around the world endorses or questions the false narrative against India, sent by ISPR, said a source and added: On Twitter and Facebook, the most followed and retweeted tweets receive the award.

More than 100,000 people have participated in these competitions.

The young people have been given a detailed list of the social networks of influential Indians and have been asked to establish a different narrative about Indian leaders, soldiers and bureaucrats.

Major General Ghafoor on Wednesday tweeted a picture of the wreck of a trainer aircraft, that didn't participate in the Balakot operation, citing Pakistan had shot down the aircraft during Balakot incursion. He also claimed the Pakistan Air Force had shot down two IAF jets.

ISPR uploaded this type of propaganda daily and the interns were being trained to do it every day, sources said.

The ISPR told these young people that they are fighting a narrative war with India and that they are as important as the soldiers, according to sources.

Even before Pakistan violates ceasefire across the Line of Control, youths are being told to bombard social media with fake pictures of Indian soldiers killed in firing.