Only security vehicles that accompany dignitaries will be exempt from paying tolls at NH

NEW DELHI: now alone security vehicles Accompanying dignitaries who are exempt from paying tolls may pass through the seats without paying the user fee on NH networks.

The amended rule has defined a security vehicle as one that transports security personnel from the central armed forces or central paramilitary forces or state police. So, while the list of dignitaries continue to be same, only security vehicles accompanying them will get the benefit of toll exemption .

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According to the old NHAI the rules, the vehicles that officially transport and accompany 25 dignitaries, including the president, the prime minister, the chief judges of the Supreme Court and the superior courts, the ministers of the Union, the main ministers, the judges of SC and HC , the chiefs of defense and parliamentarians are exempt from paying tolls.

The road transport ministry has made this specific provision to end ambiguity and misuse of the provision that allowed only a few vehicles to accompany specific dignitaries all the way. toll plazas .

Sources said there was rampant misuse of the "accompanying vehicle" provision and several vehicles often passed through toll plazas without paying the user fee claiming they were part of the dignitaries' convoys.

"This change has made it clear which all vehicles can have the privilege of a free travel through all toll plazas . This will improve toll collection and reduce disputes even at the toll plazas ," said an official.

During his last term, PM Narendra Modi had flagged how vehicles were escaping from paying toll. Following his direction, NHAI started issuing special FASTags to MPs and the government has now said that all exempt category vehicles will get FASTags. These will be zero transaction tags, which means the travel will be recorded, but there will be no charge for the trip.

Although the government recently decided to extend this provision to all dignitaries' vehicles and security forces, an infallible system is now being implemented to ensure that sensitive details are not made public.