The change of BS6 can boost the demand for engineering graduates by 20%

Chennai: The BS6 change can create new job opportunities in the automotive industry as component suppliers and OEMs improve manufacturing facilities to handle the new technology.

Human resources companies say this will generate a new need for skilled labor to meet the revised workshop, assembly line, showroom and other responsibilities. That would mean a new demand for both blue collar and white collar positions. Mechanical engineers, car engineers, instrumentation engineers on the one hand and ITI, diploma holders on the other. Human resources experts say this will lead to a 15% -20% increase in job opportunities for the industry.

“With substantial investments made by both suppliers and original equipment manufacturers to improve manufacturing facilities, additional skilled labor will be needed and, therefore, mechanical engineers, car engineers, instrumentation engineers and also support staff In the ITI category, graduates with a diploma will see a 15% increase in employment in the first six months after April 2020 and, with this, with more adoption and awareness, the increase will be 20%, said Sudeep Kumar Sen, head of manufacturing and engineering business at the human resources firm TeamLease Services.

Vehicle companies are already liquidating the shares of BS4. The original equipment manufacturers that produce their own power trains have been working on this transition for some time, since the period of development of a power train ranges between 24 and 48 months. And hiring trends reflect the change.

According to Dinesh Goel, CEO of the Asaanjobs manual worker hiring portal, there is no longer a demand for BS4 vehicle maintenance roles. “As of April, we expect to see an increase in the demand of those recently released from the ITI, after having learned to operate BS6 vehicles and in December 2020, more than 80% of the contracts would be only those who know how to operate vehicles BS6 We are already seeing an increase in demand in the last 5-6 months, ”he added.

Recruitment portals also add that replacement hiring for those of roles related to BS4 vehicles is also by personnel educated at BS6.

According to Aditya Mishra, CEO, Ciel HR, compared to the H2 of fiscal year 20, the next half would see a 15% increase in demand for maintenance professionals for vehicles that comply with BS6. Those who graduated from ITI as of 2019 and are already updated with the latest modified requirements have an advantage over those with BS4 experience but are looking for work, he added.