Gulzar: Don't pity these girls. Acid has not marked their ego or their self-confidence.

Ask for Gulzar how he approached a subject like that Chhapaak 'deals with a movie with a theme that is not friendly to music in the conventional sense, and he is, almost immediately, loaded, instead of the calm and contemplative framework that one expected. That gives you an idea of ​​the tone your writing should have.

When I first heard the story that Meghna was trying to tell, about these girls who have faced acid attacks at the hands of these men, how they fought their battles, I immediately had the feeling. ki ek badi zimmedari ki baat kar rahi hai, society ki responsibility Ki Baat Kar Rahi Hai. There is so much that attacks are trying to do. Woh sirf chehra nahi bigaadte, chehre ke peeche jo bhavana hai, jo ambition hai, jo jeene ki arzoo hai, woh sab zakhmi kar dete hain. ”

So, are you writing to reflect the feelings of an injured victim, then? The answer is quick and firm: No. “It was very clear, when I sat down to write, that these are not expensive to sympathize, to receive sympathy. Iss chehhre ke peeche jo koshish hai, jo zindagi hai, us ka samman karna hai. Chehre ki pehchan mitai hai, I deserve to walk ki pehchan nahi miti That is the feeling they have. And that is the feeling that I have tried to express.

mbad-1 What is your opinion about the instinctive reflex of the survivors of such attacks to cover their faces? “That is not a statement from them looking to hide. They have a lot of courage. They hide their faces from the way people respond to them. It is the people who need to be educated. The scars come, but not the eyes, the eyes that are still bright with hope, with courage. Unki aankhon mein jo zindagi chamakti hai, woh nazar nahi aati unhe!

Right. What is the feeling he is communicating, then? Look, this is not a story about how this poor girl's life has been destroyed. It's about the courage these girls have. 'Chhapak' inki ladai ki image hai Udasi aur mayoosi ki image Nahi Hai Taras nahi hai. Yeh Ladai Ki movie hai - main aise hello sideongi, jaisi main hoon! What is the spirit of these girls? It is this: just because the acid marked my face, it took away my recognition, does not mean that I will give up. I am more than my face, but you have to look through my eyes to see it. With this face too, I'm alive and I'm fighting.

 Gulzar  with  his daughter, ' Chhapaak '  director Meghna Gulzar with his daughter, 'Chhapaak' director Meghna

Did the trigger for these thoughts come from what Meghna narrated, or from what she felt when she met them? “I've also met them. And this is not the first time I meet people fighting in such battles, or I understand their spirit. For these girls, of course, this has happened through Meghna since she took this subject for her film, but for about 25 years I have been working with Arushi (the NGO), with children with different abilities. I know what's up.


A pause, then, as if he were rewinding the lessons learned and the emotions absorbed there. These girls, you know, would hate if someone calls them these poor girls. Do not! Not poor girls. Do not becharis . Don't pity them at all. They do not need mercy. They have their ego, they respect themselves. And all that is intact. Acid has not ruined your self-esteem or confidence. It is the attacker who is defective, it is his mind that is disabled. He needs to be taught. When people look at these survivors with those looks that say they are not normal, it is the people who look at them like that who should be approached. Girls have nothing to do differently: there are others who have to change, how they think, how they react. ”

 Deepika Padukone  as acid attack survivor Malti in 'Chhapaak' Deepika Padukone as acid attack survivor Malti in 'Chhapaak'

Teniendo en cuenta los informes de noticias que leemos día tras día, ¿es realista? ¿Hay alguna sensación real de que haya algún cambio en la forma en que nuestra society reacciona, se comporta cuando se trata de tales cosas? Soch Kahan Badal Rahi Hai? That question accuses him. “Lekin soch kyun nahi badalti? Kyun nahi badalti? The whole fight is that the mentality does not change. But why should we take that for granted? It is not the victim who has to change. It is the aggressor, the attacker, his mentality has to change. You can't get away with it for granted!


Punto justo, tomado. & más allá de esto, el atacante obsesivo, el espectador que mira fijamente, ¿quién más necesita cambiar? Sociedad. La society tiene que ayudar: no se puede tener ácido disponible en todas las tiendas ”.

Will society help? Keep the question to yourself.

What are your favorite lines, of everything you have written in this passionate and challenging way? The answer is instantaneous, since he recites the poem written for ' Ab Ladna Hai ' Bell:

Soch samajh ke gaur karna hai

Thodi si koshish aur karna hai

Ab Ladna Hai

Har chehre ko sanvarna hai

Chaand ka daag bhi bharna hai

Ab Ladna Hai

Si las situaciones difíciles exigen un modo de vuelo o lucha, no hay duda de en qué modo están los sobrevivientes, la movie y el creador de palabras.