Observations about abhorrent Savarkar, says BJP

NEW DELHI: Furious at the Congress Seva Dal's insinuation of the relationship of the Hindutva Veer Savarkar icon with Nathuram Godse, BJP on Friday called it abhorrent and accused the front-end organization of Congress of working to denigrate all leaders outside of the Nehru-Gandhi family.

President of BJP Amit Shah who was in Jodhpur To address a demonstration in support of the Citizens Amendment Act (CAA), he expressed anguish over comments by Congress on Savarkar, the freedom fighter who is credited with calling the 1857 war against the British the First War of the independence.


Congress should be ashamed of such comments ... they are making such comments on Veer Savarkar only for the policy of the voting bank. It is shameful that Congress criticizes the sacrifices of the great children of the country, such as Veer Savarkar, for the sake of their vote bank, ”Shah said at the demonstration.

On Friday, a booklet in Hindi, distributed at a Seva Dal camp, affiliated with Congress, claimed that Savarkar and Mahatma Gandhi's killer, Nathuram Godse, had a physical relationship. The Congress brochure referred to Freedom at midnight, a book written by Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre

Last month, the mockery of former congressional chief Rahul Gandhi that his name was not Rahul Savarkar and therefore would not apologize (for his comment on the rape) had been embarrassed Shiv Sena , the new ally of his group in Maharashtra.

BJP's national spokesman, Sudhanshu Trivedi, said Congress leaders should read Rushdie's Midnight Children. The novel, winner of the Booker Prize, contains references to Emergency, then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and his son

“Freedom at Midnight was written by Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre. But there is another book, Midnight's Children. Let them also read it. It will create a problem if we discuss what is written about the Gandhi family in Midnight's Children, ”said Trivedi.

Indira Gandhi had moved a court in Britain against Rushdie over a passage about the death of her husband Feroze Gandhi. “I will also not comment on books written by personal assistants of Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi and what was written in the context of Lord Mountbatten,” the BJP spokesperson added.

Congressional leaders lived comfortably in jail (during the struggle for freedom, so much so that they managed to write books, while Savarkar was tortured in the infamous Cell Prison in Andaman, he said.

At a press conference, the secretary general of BJP, Anil Jain, struck the Congress, saying The world knows several relationships of the leaders of Congress, but does not want to throw so much garbage. He described it as abhorrent and accused Congress of working to denigrate all leaders outside the Nehru-Gandhi family.

No one in Congress suffered as Veer Savarkar, an Hindutva icon, said Jain and asked at what level the opposition party has fallen by attacking him. Congress should respond on such an abominable comment about Savarkar, he said.

Except for one family, nobody is worthy of respect for Congress, he said while accusing the party of denigrating leaders like Sardar, Bhim Rao Ambedkar and Savarkar.

BJP MP and GVL spokesman Narasimha Rao called it a very low and third grade yellow newspaper. The kind of statements that have been made in the brochure on the reference to Veer Savarkar is extremely painful and highly condemnable, Rao said.

The Union minister, Smriti Irani, asked Congress how long he would insult Savarkar's sacrifices and said that the opposition party will have to give an answer to the people of Maharashtra and all the patriots of the country.