Spa treatments to nourish your skin this winter

It is cold and windy outside, which can make the skin feel dry and hard. To combat winter sadness, how about giving yourself some heat and pampering your skin that will surely make you feel happy? Some regimens can do wonders for the skin and can leave it rejuvenated and renewed. Do a patch test on your hand before starting.

Chocolate face pack


Chocolate is full of antioxidants and that reduces facial lines. Increase collagen production and lighten imperfections. Try the chocolate infused facial or a chocolate manicure. Executive Farinaz Tarsi says: “I tried a hot chocolate wrap recently and it was very stressful. I would advise everyone to try.

Cinnamon Remedy


To combat skin breakouts, opt for cinnamon-based skin regimens. According to Lalita Sharma, a beauty expert, “cinnamon has antibacterial properties that reduce acne. Address hyperpigmentation. Mix it with a little lime or tomato juice to get more benefits.

Coconut Scrub


Since the skin dries in winter, coconut oil is suitable, as it lubricates the skin and prevents inflammation. Add it to the scrub. Grate the coconut with a little milk or honey and use it as a moisturizing scrub, add Lalita.

Heating poultice


Another great trick to relax the skin is a warm poultice. Steamed bags reduce fatigue, eliminate toxins and increase lymphatic drainage. Add ginger and turmeric.

Orange glitter


Oranges work to lighten the skin. Skin expert Ramila Vaidya suggests: “Orange juice fights tanning and tones the skin. Apply the juice or pulp on the skin. Leave it on for 10 minutes and rinse. For oily skin, mix multani mitti and apply that. ”

Mint aromatic oil


The aromatic and warm peppermint oil is another essential ingredient in the spa. It not only relieves the cold but also heals the skin. Opt for a mint and lemon scrub and use it in the neck, back and shoulder massage or foot scrub, which leaves the skin fresh and invigorated. It can also cool the pain. It has astringent properties and can tone the skin too.