We write songs that resonate with the current generation: Rati Adhiththa

Today's songs are all about catchy songs. Take advantage of the trend is Na Kudikka Poren by singers Ratty Adhiththan & sahi Siva . With over one million views & counting, the singers, originally from Jaffna, Sri Lanka, are pretty kicked about the response.

Ask them about the making of this number & the story behind this catch phrase (also the title), Ratty, who resides in Paris now, says, “The title came about during a freestyle performance & I thought it would be a great Friday anthem song. It has a vibe that people can relate to & it is catchy. Hence, the name Naan Kudikka Poren. Cultural aspects are always hidden within our childhood. So, when making music we try to incorporate as much as possible into the hip hop elements of the music we make. The video was shot at various locations in France, particularly in Paris.” He adds, “I wrote the chorus & the rap verse, Sahi wrote my hook & second verse. Although we share elements of the creative process to ensure synchronisation, the song was sort of a work in progress over the last year.”

Music is a powerful tool to send out important messages, especially in times of crises. Did they appreciate the usage of this catch phrase? “Truth be told, everyone drinks & it’s just something that people need to accept. We do not intend to promote any sort of disrespectful or harmful behaviour. We simply write lyrics that will resonate with the current generation. The response to the song is based on this resonance that they have with the song & the vibe it brings,” says Sahi, who resides in UK now.

The genre of the number is varied... was that conscious? Says Sahi, “Fusion is something that we’ve always admired, & bringing together two different parallels of hip hop trap with the cultural elements, including the nadaswaram, worked out to be an extremely unique yet enjoyable. It’s something that we have explored & continue to explore in other songs, & with the right balance of both, the output will be great!”