Karnataka Chalanchitra Academy will promote more films based on content

Actor, director and producer suneel Puranik is the new president of the Karnataka Chalanachitra Academy . In a conversation with us, he talked about plans to build a separate complex for Bangalore International Film Festival, one in which they can maintain archives to highlight the glory of the Kannada film industry, as well as create small theaters in talks throughout the state. Excerpts

dedicated place for the projection of international films

Every year, a huge amount of money is spent on getting venues for conducting the Bengaluru International Film Festival. This expense can be reduced if we have a dedicated complex for screening the movies. When there is no festival, the venue can be kept active by carrying out film-related activities.

Archives can help keep our cinematic legacy alive

The preservation of the works of legendary directors, actors, producers and technicians of the Kannada film industry is of paramount importance. When filmmakers from all over the world come to Bangalore, we should be able to familiarize them with the Kannada film industry. And if we have our archives in order, then all our delegates and visitors can see our contribution to world cinema. There are plans underway to establish an advisory committee that includes actors, directors and producers, who can suggest how we can take Sandalwood to a higher level.

Mini movie theaters are necessary for movies based on screen content

The academy is also planning to take content films driven to smaller cities and taluks that have a population of more than 10,000. Many good movies do not reach smaller cities due to the lack of movie theaters. The construction of small theaters will also help develop the habit of watching quality movies among people.

Workshops for aspiring filmmakers

Budding filmmakers can use the academy as a platform to learn the nuances of acting and film direction. I have met many young people, who are passionate about cinema, but I cannot follow it due to financial limitations. They also struggle to find the right orientation. By conducting regular workshops, we can ensure that they include some help on this front.