'Quota' is underprivileged children who do not receive their due

The year could not have started with a better director note in Coimbatore P Amudhavanan . His feature film, Share , has been selected for the PickurFlick Indie Film Festival Award in December 2019. The plot of the film tries to identify and take advantage of the talents of disadvantaged children who are denied opportunities due to their background.

An elated Amudhavanan says: “The plot revolves around a talented child from a tribal village who longs to become a gymnast. But, his economic condition and identity are a great impediment to his dream. Although the film begins with a tribute to the tribal freedom fighter and leader Birsa Munda, it does not focus on a particular caste or tribe. The focus is mainly on how children from low-income families continue to struggle to achieve their dreams, when it should not be. Why not all talented children get his/her expiration? ”

Amudhavanan’s maiden film Veruli was a thriller that dealt with potholes which became death traps. The director has shot Share predominantly in a tribal hamlet in Mannarkad, Kerala. The star cast includes reality show talents and child artistes Bhavaz, Niharika and Aadhil. Chella of YouTube channel Nakkalites and Naresh, who acted in Maanasi, play crucial roles in it. The film is expected to hit screens after it completes the rounds on the festival circuit.