Veda Krishnamurthy: 2020 is exciting for women's cricket

She is an intrinsic part of the lineup batting for Indian cricket team women. Veda Krishnamurthy, based in Bangalore, has become the pin-up girl for many applicants in Karnataka and India. She is excited about the next 2020 T20 World Cup in Australia, where she says: We have a lot to accomplish, as the Indian women's cricket team has announced that we are on the big tour. Excerpts ... How is 2020 for women's cricket in general and you in particular?

2020 looks very exciting for women's cricket. We T20 Women's World Cup this year, followed by the World Cup more than 50 years to be held early next year. It will be a very busy and exciting year for us. The stakes are high, not only for those who play cricket and the team, but for those who are competing for a spot of play for the nation.

As for me, I have finished the last year as well, so I hope to carry on the same way. Since the World Cup is very close, I look forward to everything I've been doing for the last three to four months. We have a core group with members who have been playing together for a while. I hope everything works for us.

What will be the biggest force in India in the 2020 World Cup?

That is a difficult question. I think our greatest strength is our spinners are superior compared to teams from around the world. Our spinners have most of the 20 envelopes, so if our spinners do well, it will work in our favor. Given the firepower we have in our batting, a good show spinners can help boost and complement it. The camaraderie within the team is very important to maintain the rhythm and chemistry of a batting lineup. How do girls join when they don't play?

If you see our social networking accounts, especially Instagram, there are a lot of jokes going on between us. We are always active, all tend to comment when someone posts something new, which actually shows the bond we share. We are basically a group of young people, so there is a lot of energy off the field too. For example, if one begins to dance, the other 14 are joined. If one sings, the other 14 do as well. We do almost everything together, it is natural and organic. In fact, I feel our bond reflects off the field in the countryside as well. This is important for those who are part of a team, and this team shares such link.

What is the team that our team is watching?

Any day, it is Australia hands down. They have been so dominant in recent years and are the defending champions playing in their home conditions. They will be our biggest competition. But since it is T20, also it is to click on that day. It depends on the performance on that particular day.

Is there anything you feel is required or not yet in place to give women cricket that extra push?

The ICC has done a good job to space the various events. We saw that with the 2017 World Cup too. There was a lot of publicity. There were many billboards and announcements during the Men's Trophy Champions, which gathered in raising awareness about the event. There was also much talk about women's cricket, there were many people and many people saw it even in their country in India.

Now, since the next World Cup is happening in Australia, which is also a country where people love their sport, much thought in the planning of these events. By the way, our matches last game with International Women's Day. The BCCI is to ensure that all games are televised, including those played domestically. They are making a great effort to make the domestic scene is correct. Now, people know the female cricket team and parties. If you compare the World Cup 2017 World Cup next T20, people are aware that the party is happening in Australia. Awareness is half the battle won.

That he has met the next players who are part of the Karnataka women's cricket team. What is the potential you see there?

We have a very good group of young people. Karnataka has one of the few associations that trains children from the moment they are between 10 and 11 years old. They are trained to be part of the games under 16 years old. There are a lot of young people to consider. At the same time, it is about doing well in your age group and continuing to perform well at the next level. That is the kind of possible selectors they are looking for: they see who has the potential to perform well at the next level.

The appearances out of the field have been taking up a lot of your free time. Is it hard to make an effort to comb his hair?

I am improving on that. However, even today, if I'm hanging out with my friends, I will find in my runners, shirt and chappals. But over time, I am also becoming more aware of what suits me in terms of costumes, hair and makeup. I am learning.