Mamta Mohandas plays nurse in Lalbagh

After the thriller 2012 22 Female Kottayam Mollywood would soon witness another thriller with a Malayali nurse based in Bangalore as the protagonist.

Director paisa paisa prasanth Murali He is ready with his next film Lalbagh with Mamta Mohandas Playing the main character named Sara, a Malayali nurse settled with her family in Bangalore.

The director says the film is a drama-cum-thriller relative who has a pattern of non-linear narrative. The film follows a birthday party, a murder charge that occurs, leading to a police interrogation, he adds. As for the character of Sara says, She's a normal Malayali woman, who works as a nurse and lives with her husband and son. His is not an urban lifestyle. She has a rose garden on her balcony, and her mind is also like that of a flower. The film shows how he handles a particular crisis that happens in his life.

Sijoy Varghese, telugu actress Nandini Rai, Neha Saxena and renowned choreographer Rahul Dev Shetty fashion are also part of the cast of the film. Prasanth says: “We have already finished the session and currently, postproduction works are underway. We are planning to carry out the film before March.