Gerard Butler's day in Varanasi

Hollywood star Gerard Butler brought in the New Year in India. the actor met the Dalai Lama and visited Rishikesh before spending a day in Varanasi on January 1. During his stay, Gerard and girlfriend Morgan Brown visited a foundation that works towards social causes.nVaranasi-based social entrepreneur, Avinav Peshwani, WHO spent many hours With the 300 actor, Said, Gerard got to know About our Aghor foundation and wanted to visit it. When I met him, I asked him, ‘Are you actually Gerard Butler?’ I replied, ‘Yes, people usually call me by that name.’ We spoke a lot about spirituality. He was also keen to know about Varanasi, which is considered to be among the oldest standing cities in the world. I was very down to earth.

While the morning was spent at Bal Ashram, shelter foundation for destitute children, Gerard and Morgan walked through the city and ghats at night. They also visited some local houses to see traditional structures.

Gerard remembers his first visit to Varanasi

In a video Avinav shared on social media, Gerard says: “I came to Varanasi 10 years ago when I was traveling with seven friends. It was difficult because everyone wanted to do something different until we reached Varanasi. When I got here, I felt completely high. I meditated on the banks of the Ganges. I made a private pooja, which was very powerful. That night, I went to the Aarti Bargain and I remember sitting on one of the boats there and thinking that this is the best day I've had in my life. It was magical and mystical in the context of this ancient city. Even then, I remember that the guide took us through a city that was so busy, but everyone was smiling. There is an order in chaos and a lot of heart and love.