Aarti Bahl: My journey in 'Sanjivani 2' ended because the creators decided to leave my love song with Mohnish

In September last year, Bollywood Aarti Bahl actress was excited to join her husband Mohnish Bahl in 'Sanjivani 2'. Yet within three months, the story changed recently, Aarti was replaced in the programa.nPreguntarle if the sudden change in the script has bothered him, and says, Not really. These things happen in our profession, it is not unusual. a hint of love between Dr. Shashank Gupta and Roshni Mathur (Mohnish and Aarti) was planned, but no longer off the creators felt it was not necessary and, therefore, it was better not to continue with the show.

Producer Siddharth Malhotra shares, “It's unfortunate, but then everyone knows that such changes occur in television shows. I didn't want to waste Aarti's talent and hard work because the focus is only on Sid and Ishani.

Meanwhile, Seema Pandey has replaced Aarti in the program. By the way, Seema had played this character at the beginning of the show, but when love song for Mohnish joined the script, Aarti was cornered.