Weirdos wanted: British chief adviser Boris Johnson seeks help

LONDON: Britain is looking for some good weirdos.

That is the word of a prime minister Boris johnson The main advisers, who in a long blog post on Friday appealed to a wide range of applicants for government positions.

He said one of his goals is to attract rare super talents to government positions.

We need some real jokers, artists, people who never went to college and struggled out of a horrible hell, weirdos, said Cummings, who has been a lightning rod for controversy during his tenure.

He is former campaign director to get Britain out of the European Union who has helped shape many of Johnson’s policies. The Cummings blog post is something like a rule against British elites, despite the fact that Johnson was educated in the most important educational institutions in Britain.

If you want to find out what the characters around Putin could do, or how international criminal gangs could explode holes in our border security, you don't want any more Oxbridge English graduates, he wrote in a blog.

He said change is necessary because there are some deep problems at the core of how the British state makes decisions.

Cummings' strategy helped Johnson achieve an impressive victory in the December 12 elections. He said on the blog that the strength of the government in Parliament means that it can focus on vital issues.

He described it as `` a new government with a significant majority and little need to worry about unpopularity in the short term while trying to make rapid progress with long-term problems '' and urged people to apply for positions.