Kahaan Hum Update Kahaan Tum, January 3: Sonakshi finds out about Rani's daughter, Sitara

In the last episode of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum , Sonakshi gives Rani the letter she received from Shinde. Sonakshi asks her what is in the letter. Rani says it is for house papers and verification.

At breakfast Nishi receive a note from Pooja that she has gone out with Rani.

Rohit Rani calls. Rani says that Pooja is with him and Rohit asks her to come home and take the money after she leaves Pooja home.

Sonakshi reaches Rani's house and sees that her door is locked.

A man who comes to deliver sweets, says that it is for Rani's daughter Sitara who is coming home from jail after a year.

Rani arrives at Rohit’s cabin. Rani gets a call from the lawyer that Sitara has been left from the jail in the morning.

Rohit says he knows where Sitara is. He asks Rani to do the work Nishi has asked her to do, and only then he will pay her and tell about Sitara.

Suman tells Netra that Sonakshi must get a raise in her payment. Netra says she would want to discuss it with Sonakshi first.

Rani tells Nishi she will do the work Nishi has asked her to do.

Sonakshi comes to Nishi’s room and asks Rani why she hid the fact about her other daughter Sitara. Rani says she didn’t think it was necessary to mention about Sitara.

Sonakshi tells Rani to stay away from Pooja.