Peace, security in the Middle East region of utmost importance for India: Government

While he noted that the United States had killed a high-ranking Iranian leader, the government expressed concern over the security situation in the region and said that increased tension had alarmed the world and that peace and security in the region They were of utmost importance to India. The assassination of the head of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran, seen by many as the second most powerful leader in the Gulf nation after the supreme leader, provoked a cautious response from India, as he again requested moderation.

It is vital that the situation does not intensify. India has always advocated moderation and continues to do so, the government said.

While the United States remains the most important strategic partner of India, the so-called Indian civilization ties with Tehran, its search for an alternative route to Central Asia and Afghanistan (without going through Pakistan) and the fact that the region It houses nearly 8 million Indians making it impossible for any Indian government to avoid Tehran.

As former Foreign Secretary Kanwal Sibal says, India has been put in a very difficult position by this irresponsible act by President Trump, which cannot be justified, as he adds, by any international law.

This will cause retaliation and, ultimately, will end up destabilizing the region and endangering our broad interests there, says Sibal.

While India has drastically reduced its crude oil imports from Iran under pressure from the United States, neighboring Iraq has become one of its main energy suppliers and any military escalation in the region, as Sibal says, can damage Indian supplies.

The former diplomat and a prominent voice in Middle Eastern affairs, Talmeez Ahmed, says that India's reaction is in line with its traditional bilateral and transactional approach, adding that it has already run its course. My opinion is that India should no longer sit on the fence and use its influence to play a stronger diplomatic role in promoting peace and security in the region. What is the use of following the old approach if the situation continues to deteriorate? Ahmed says, adding that any military conflagration in the region could harm thousands of Indians in a matter of days.

Sibal, in fact, believes that there is another important problem at stake here; that of the United States that shows little respect for the interests of its partners. He says Trump's airstrike is purely in the domestic political context, regardless of its likely impact on important partners like India.

The United States should now make a serious introspection before giving a lecture on India and recommending actions on issues such as CAA, he says.

Only last week, India and Iran held another round of their joint commission meeting during which they agreed to further accelerate work on the development of the two countries along with Afghanistan.