Congress cheating people about CAA: BJP

ALLAHABAD: BJP spokesman Vijay Sonkar Shastri on Friday accused Congress and other opposition parties of creating confusion among the people about the new citizenship law.

“Congress is making useless attempts to create an atmosphere of fear among compatriots over the politics of the voting bank. The law was passed in parliament with an absolute majority, Shastri said, praising the residents of Allahabad for maintaining law and order.

Affirming that CAA had nothing to do with Indian citizens, he said that the new law had been adopted to give citizenship to Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and Christians in Pakistan , Afghanistan & Bangladesh .

“These people are facing atrocities on the basis of religion & most of them are dalits. Non-BJP parties should think before protesting,” he said.

The condition of people leaving their country due to religious persecution is well known, but it was only the Modi government who made the right decision for their well-being, Shastri said.

There is difference between CAA, NPR & NRC. The BJP government has not spoken anything on NRC,” he added.

Shastri said the BJP government had made many firm decisions, including the abolition of triple talaq, which was praised by Muslim women.

He said Congress also cheated people on reservations because the country faced several violent protests last year.

Jab tak aarakshan ka uddeshya poora nahin ho jata, tab tak khatam nahin ho sakta (the reserve policy cannot be abolished until its goal is achieved), he said.