Markets remain closed while people protest against the expansion of Kangra airport

DHARAMSHALA: Markets remained closed adjacent to Kangra airport in the district's Gaggal area on Friday to protest the airport's expansion. The nearby villagers also joined the agitation. Protesters fear losing their main properties in an attempt to expand the airport.

The president of Vyopar Mandal, Devender Kohli and the village chiefs of the Gaggal Satish Dhiman area and the village chief of Ichii, Vijay Kumar, also participated in the protest.

After the protest, while talking to the media, Kohli said the income officials called them to file their complaints. We would go to the district headquarters now on January 6 to present our part to them, he added.

Government authorities are preparing a report to expand the airport. Prime Minister Jairam Thakur and the Minister of State of the Union have stated that they would make this airport large enough that even large aircraft could land here safely.

Kangra airport is the only busiest airport in. It has four flights to Delhi and Chandigarh.