Kota Hospital: 105 dead children but carpets welcome ministers

JAIPUR: At a time when he faces severe criticism for the deaths of more than 100 children in a hospital in Kota, the state health minister and the transport minister received a warm welcome on Friday from hospital officials who deployed A carpet for your visit.

However, later officials had to remove the carpet when the subject became the topic of conversation in the city.

When asked, a JK Lon hospital employee said the carpet was extended to let it dry and not to welcome the ministers.

Surprisingly, while the children were still dying, no minister visited Kota in more than a month. However, on Friday after the death of the 105th child, the two state ministers went to the hospital and the employees instead of updating them about the crisis of the staff and the hospital team were busy welcoming them.

Former BJP president and leader Mamta Sharma was prevented from visiting the hospital by Congress leaders on Friday and had to return without entering the hospital. The slogans were raised by saying Mamta Sharma wapas jao, wapas jao (Mamta Sharma returns).

Speaking to the media, Sharma said: Congressional leaders seem ashamed that so many children died under his mandate and are thinking about how to stop this issue. It is the most shameful act that carpets spread in the hospital to welcome these ministers. visit a family in the disappearance of its member, do you receive a welcome red or green carpet? she asked.